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[Aroma Wood] With car hardware|Wave Resin

[Aroma Wood] With car hardware|Wave Resin

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■Work Description
This is a resin aroma wood that can be attached to the air conditioner vent.

The tiny air bubbles released from the wood cause the wood to sparkle and color like marine snow when exposed to sunlight.

It is fragrance-free so that you can enjoy your favorite scent.

The highly absorbent sponge at the top allows the aroma oil to penetrate well. Also, because it is located at the top, you can add oil without removing it from the air outlet.

When you drop a few drops of aroma oil, the fragrance will spread from the aroma wood.

It comes with a special presentation box, making it a great gift.

When purchasing, please select the desired color from the options.

Product size/Shipping calculation weight

Length approx. 2.5cm Width approx. 5cm Thickness approx. 1.5cm

Shipping calculation weight 100g

How to handle the product

*Please note that if the wood is exposed to sunlight, it may gradually turn into a candy color due to the nature of the wood.

Aroma wood with strings is not carved with holes or grooves to catch oil. (Aroma wood for cars has an oil receptacle.) When dripping oil, we recommend that you place the wood on a container to avoid spilling the oil.

Aroma oil will soak into the wood within 15~30 minutes after dripping.

If the wood is thin (10 mm or less) or if the oil is dripped on the small end, the oil may penetrate to the back side of the wood, so please soak the oil on the container just to be safe.

This aroma wood is uncoated. Please note that this aroma wood is uncoated, so water and dirt can easily penetrate the wood.

This aroma wood does not come with aroma oil. Please soak your favorite aroma oil in it.

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Aroma Wood for Car

The image shows the product when placed in the air conditioner vent in the car. Please be assured that the thickness does not affect the strength of the fragrance. Please enjoy using your favorite aroma oil.