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【Wooden Tray】Resin|Black Locust [W240~]


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Each variation of this product will be discontinued while supplies last.

Description of the work
Wooden tray made from false acacia Wooden tray This is a wooden tray made from false acacia.
It is famous for its resistance to water, and was once used as a material for wooden ships.
The tray is coated with emerald green resin.
No coloring agents are used. The natural color of the wood comes out.
The surface is also stamped with an engraving.

Product Size/Weight

長さ約30cm 幅約21cm 厚さ約2.0cm

weight 1300g

How to handle the product

*Please note that if exposed to sunlight, the wood may gradually discolor to a candy color due to its nature.

This product is made of natural wood. It has been coated with oil wax, but warping may inevitably occur over time. Maintenance with beeswax or other wax every few weeks will reduce the occurrence of warping.

The resin used in our store has a heat resistance temperature of 90℃. Please keep the temperature within this range.

If the surface becomes crusty after prolonged use, we recommend applying beeswax to restore the luster.

Unlike varnish, the wax component of oil wax may turn white if the product is exposed to water for a long time during or after use.

Oil Finish

Our wooden goods and wooden trays are coated with oil wax, which contains high amounts of carnaba and candelilla waxes, to maximize the texture of the wood. It has excellent water and heat repellency and does not leave water stains.

Since solid wood is a natural product, the grain of each piece is very different and has its own unique atmosphere. Please enjoy the unique grain of each piece.