• Is it possible to cancel or return the product?
    For details, please see the description based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law - at the bottom of RECOWOOD .

  • What payment methods do you accept?
    For details, please refer to the notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law - RECOWOOD .

  • Is it possible to request a full order?
    Currently, only semi-orders accepted irregularly are possible. We will notify you when we start accepting full orders, so please wait.

  • Please tell me about cutting board maintenance.
    The main explanations are listed in the "Handling of cutting boards" section on each product page. The more detailed explanation has been copied verbatim on other sites in the past, so we have included the instruction manual with the cutting board you purchased.

  • Will cutting the food cause scratches on the cutting board?
    If you use a dull knife, it will scrape the wood as if it were gouging, resulting in deeper cuts than a sharp knife. If possible, use a sharp knife.