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[Cutting Board] Grain | 4pieces wood [C815]

[Cutting Board] Grain | 4pieces wood [C815]

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(Each variation of this product will be discontinued while supplies last.)
(*This product will be discontinued as soon as stock is gone.)
(*Please enter your desired number (A~) in the remarks column when purchasing. If you do not fill it in, we will select it for you.)

This is a cutting board produced
from a piece of work.

( Please see the bottom of the page for details about end grain cutting boards.)
(This is a wooden tray made from a piece of wood.)
(This product can be optionally equipped with legs for the cutting board (500 yen ).
( If you would like to order this item, pleasespecify the quantity as 1 and place your order fromthis page.)
(The wood is made from a rare piece called "spotted" wood, which has a characteristic black stripe pattern.)

Wood that has been buried in the ground for a long time is partially carbonized, and black stripes appear in the grain of the wood.)
(A word of appeal if you have it)
(The groove processing around the board catches small pieces of juice or foodstuff and prevents them from spilling out of the board.)
●Colored resin finish is applied to the original cracks in the wood
(The wood has been resin-coated in the color of the original cracks, which is not a problem for use.)
No coloring agents are used. The natural color of the wood comes out.
(Usually, most cutting boards are less than 2.0 cm thick, but this product is thicker at (2.5 cm~) cm.)
(The hole of ●.0cm is drilled in the handle part, so it is convenient to hang it directly on an S-shaped hook or by tying a string to it.)
(Handles are processed on both sides.)
(Iron handles are attached on both sides.)
(This product has a small saucer.)
(This product has a small saucer.) In addition, the ● side is stamped with an engraving.

Product size/Shipping calculation weight

Length approx. 39cm Maximum width approx. 20cm Thickness approx. 1.5cm Hole diameter approx. 1.5cm

Shipping calculation weight 2000g

How to handle the product

*If it becomes dry, we recommend maintenance with beeswax.
Our cutting board wax is made specifically for cutting boards, so we recommend it.

*Please note that a dull knife will scrape the wood when cutting the food, resulting in deeper scratches on the wood than a sharp knife. If possible, use a sharp knife.

*Please note that if you expose it to sunlight, it may gradually turn amber due to the nature of the wood.

*The heat resistance temperature of the resin cutting board is 100℃. If it comes into contact with objects at a temperature higher than this, it may turn white, so please use it within this range.

*This product is made of natural wood. Please note that in some cases, warping may occur over time.

*After washing, wipe off as much water as possible and dry in a well-ventilated place to prevent mold from forming.

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About Us New Cutting Board

The newly introduced finishing method provides superior water repellency and durability compared to conventional products.
And unlike varnish, you can enjoy the warm texture of solid wood.
It is highly water resistant and does not require frequent maintenance.
In addition, it has passed the Japanese food safety standard test, so it boasts the same high level of safety as before.

You can cut the food on the cutting board and use it as a plate. Overseas, cutting boards are routinely used as serving plates and cutting boards. How about enjoying your meal while feeling the warmth of solid wood?

Also for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also recommend eating colorful green and yellow vegetables and meat dishes. Enjoy with your favorite dishes.