【Cutting board】Live Edge|Cherry [C618~]

【Cutting board】Live Edge|Cherry [C618~]

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Each variation of this item will be discontinued while supplies last.

is a 28cm cutting board with ears made from cherry wood.

The cherry wood we purchased this time has two variations: Variation A, which has a beautiful grain, and Variation B, which has a wild pattern.
No coloring agents are used. The natural coloring of the wood comes out.
Since a 2.0cm hole is drilled in the handle, it is convenient to hang it directly on an S-shaped hook or by tying a string to it.
In addition, the surface is stamped with an engraving.

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Length approx. 28cm Width approx. 18~20cm Thickness approx. 1.2cm Hole diameter approx. 1.5cm

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