【Aroma Wood】 With fittings for cars|Stripe

【Aroma Wood】 With fittings for cars|Stripe

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This is an
aroma wood for cars made from various kinds of jointed wood.

It comes with metal fittings so that it can be inserted into the air conditioner vent in the car.

It is finished without painting to make it easy to soak aroma oil.

There is a depression on the top to catch oil. Since it is a wood mouth surface, it is highly absorbent.

When aroma oil is dripped, the aroma will diffuse from the aroma wood.

This product is designed for cars, so it is ideal for refreshing the aroma in your car.

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Product size/Shipping calculation weight

Height approx. 3cm Width approx. 4cm Thickness approx. 2cm Hole diameter 1.5cm

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