◆About orders

If you would like to have a custom-made product, please contact us via " Contact Us ".
We also accept OEM orders for store fixtures.

In addition, we have listed the Q&A regarding orders below, so please take a look.
*For orders from general customers, our store logo will be engraved on the surface.
*For store fixtures, it is possible to engrave the client's logo.

[Q1] What types of items can I order?
We mainly accept orders for cutting boards, plates, slabs, tabletops, panels, and those with added resin.
Within that range, you are free to request things like customizing camping gear or making wooden boards into wall-mounted panels.
We will do our best to accommodate your request, but depending on the processing required, we may have to refuse your request even within this range.
Also, since we do not have all the camping gear in stock at our store, we may decline your request in some cases.

[Q2] Can laser processing be done?
Laser engraving is only possible within a processing area of ​​20 x 20cm.
If you provide us with a text message such as "Happy Birthday" or other data, we can design a logo or pattern.
However, there are a few things to keep in mind:
- Laser engraving is not possible on the resin part.
It is possible to add text to products already in our store.
・The laser area is on the front or back.
- Although it varies slightly depending on the wood, the engraving will generally be dark brown.
・Please prepare your file with a JEG or PNG file extension. For logos, it would be better if it was converted to SVG.

[Q3] How many fonts are available for laser processing?
You can choose from 12 types of Japanese and 12 types of Roman letters.

[Q4] Are there any regulations regarding the sizes that can be ordered?
It is possible if the size of one piece of wood is within the range of (length 25cm x width 10cm x thickness 1cm) to (length 50cm x width 25cm x thickness 3cm). If the size of one piece of wood is below the minimum size, it may be possible to only order multiple pieces due to processing convenience. Also, the price is mainly proportional to the length used.
*When placed on a slatted floor, each piece will fall into the size range above.

[Q5] How many types of wood can I request?
Black walnut, hard maple, and oak (from Hokkaido) are always in stock.
For other tree species, and parts with distinctive grain or shapes such as spalted wood, burl wood, knotted wood, and wood with bark, if we do not have the wood in stock, we will not be able to know until we ask our supplier whether the wood is available.

[Q] Please tell me about payment methods.
Please make payment in advance by bank transfer.
Please note that cancellations are not possible after purchase.
We will inform you of the bank details when we communicate with you regarding your order.
Please let us know when you make the transfer.

[Q6] Please tell me about shipping charges.
At our store, the fee varies depending on the total weight of the product including packaging materials, but as the total weight is unknown until production begins, we will determine the shipping fee in advance by comparing it with previous products of similar size.
→Click here for our shipping rates

[Q7] How many days will it take to complete?
After confirming your payment, it will usually take 2-3 weeks to ship. (Excluding weekends and holidays)
If production is busy and the delivery date is likely to be delayed, we will inform you in advance before making the transfer.