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[Wall Art] Random Pattern|Japanese Walnut [W1697]

[Wall Art] Random Pattern|Japanese Walnut [W1697]

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■Product Description This wall art uses walnuts from Hokkaido.

Walnut is a material with a warm color and rich grain.

The heathered parts are selected for production, so it has a unique pattern.

This is wall art that exudes a sense of luxury. Also, since it is coated with black resin, it contrasts beautifully with the walnut wood and gives a modern impression.

It is an original design that is unique to one-of-a-kind items.

《This product will end as soon as stock runs out. 》

Product size/Shipping calculation weight

Length approx. 29cm Width approx. 29cm Thickness approx. 1.5cm

Shipping calculation weight 2000g

How to handle the product

*Please note that if exposed to sunlight, the wood may gradually discolor to a candy color due to its nature.

This product is made of natural wood. It has been coated with oil wax, but warping may inevitably occur over time. Maintenance with beeswax or other wax every few weeks will reduce the occurrence of warping.

The resin used in our store has a heat resistance temperature of 90℃. Please keep the temperature within this range.

If the surface becomes crusty after prolonged use, we recommend applying beeswax to restore the luster.

Unlike varnish, the wax component of oil wax may turn white if the product is exposed to water for a long time during or after use.
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About Us Wall Art

Wall art that makes use of the color and grain of wood allows you to feel the warmth and texture of wood, which is a natural material.The color and grain of wood blend gently into the space and create a calm atmosphere.

RECOWOOD wall art is unique in that it combines resin and wood. By incorporating resin, the design becomes even more luxurious. Please choose the size according to your preference and interior.