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Cutting Board Wax

Cutting Board Wax

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[Ingredients] Highly purified beeswax, medical grade mineral oil, vitamin E
[Product Description] This high-quality maintenance wax uses natural ingredients beeswax, mineral oil, and vitamin E. It is very safe as it complies with the Japanese Food Sanitation Law. In addition, because it uses a highly purified product, it has less odor than commercially available beeswax for woodworking. Wooden cutting boards require proper maintenance, and this maintenance wax forms a protective layer on the surface to prevent it from drying out. In addition, vitamin E has antioxidant properties that will keep your cutting board in good condition for a long time.
[How to use] It is easy to use. Wipe the cutting board clean, remove an appropriate amount of wax, and spread it thinly over the entire surface. Finally, wipe it off with a cloth to finish. Regular use will restore the shine and water repellency to the cutting board.
This maintenance wax uses natural ingredients, so you can use it with confidence. It can also be used not only for wooden cutting boards, but also for wooden cooking utensils.
[Precautions] - Please store away from direct sunlight. - If you get beeswax on your hands, it won't come off with detergent, so wipe it off and then rinse with hot water. ・Please keep out of reach of children. ・If a large amount is swallowed, please consult a doctor immediately. ・Please read the instruction manual before use.

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About Us New Cutting Board

It is finished with a penetrating water-repellent finish, which makes it highly water-repellent.
And unlike varnish, it does not crush the grain of the wood, allowing you to enjoy the warm texture of the natural solid wood.
It also complies with the Food Sanitation Act, so there is no problem placing food directly on it.


It can be used freely in a variety of ways beyond its usual role as a cutting board, such as a tray for serving food, a stand for ornamental plants, a place to put small items, or a place to hold cups.

You can cut ingredients on the cutting board and use it as a plate. In other countries, cutting boards are commonly used as serving plates and chopping boards. Why not enjoy your meal while feeling the warmth of solid wood?