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【Cutting Board】Endgrain|Maple,Walnut,Padouk [C862]

【Cutting Board】Endgrain|Maple,Walnut,Padouk [C862]

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This is
an end grain cutting board made from maple, walnut, and paddock.
This item comes with legs for the cutting board.
No coloring agents are used. The natural coloring of the wood comes out.
It can be used as a plate or a cutting board.
Cutting boards are usually less than 2.0 cm thick, but this product is thicker at 2.5 cm.
The left and right sides have handles.
The surface is stamped with an engraving.

Product size/Shipping calculation weight

Length approx. 38cm Width approx. 22cm Thickness approx. 2.2cm

Shipping calculation weight 1600g

How to handle the product

Please note that if exposed to sunlight, the wood may gradually discolor to a candy color due to its nature.

The heat resistance temperature of the resin cutting board is 90℃. If it comes in contact with objects of higher temperature, it may turn white.

*This product is natural wood. Although beeswax has been applied, warping may inevitably occur over time. We recommend maintenance with beeswax or olive oil every few weeks to reduce the occurrence of warping.

*When washing the product after use, we recommend maintenance each time to prevent mold and warping.

Unlike varnish, if the cutting board is exposed to water droplets for a long time during or after use, the wax component may turn white, so we recommend that you wipe off any water droplets.

*If the surface becomes crusty after prolonged use, apply olive oil to the surface to restore its luster.

End-grain cutting boards, by their very nature, have more mineral oil permeated inside than normal cutting boards, preventing moisture from penetrating inside. Therefore, you may feel a little oiliness when you touch it at first, but by washing it, the oil on the surface will be removed and it will feel smooth to the touch.

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About End Grain Cutting Board

End grain cutting boards are the highest quality of cutting boards. Unlike regular cutting boards, they are manufactured so that the wood's gouge side is on the surface.
End grain cutting boards also have several outstanding features.

  1. It has a harder surface and longer life than regular cutting boards.
  2. The grain of the wood is in various directions, making it more resistant to warping.
  3. Since the grain is perpendicular to the knife, the wood fibers are less likely to be cut, and scratches caused by the knife are less likely to be scratched due to the property of the wood fibers to be attracted to the knife.
  4. Since the grain of the wood is perpendicular to the knife, there is no resistance to the edge of the knife and the knife is gentle. It is also comfortable to cut.
  5. Because the wood surfaces are lined up, the surface area of the wood conduit is large, allowing more mineral oil to soak into the inside of the wood, preventing moisture from entering from the inside and preventing warping and fungus.

When wood warps, it warps in the direction of the wood surface. End-grain cutting boards have the characteristic of being resistant to warping because the wood surfaces are oriented in opposite directions around the perimeter.
The image above shows the board viewed from above.

Because the grain cutting board is perpendicular to the knife and the wood fibers, there is less resistance when the knife strikes the wood, and the knife itself is gentler and less likely to lose its sharpness.

In addition, our cutting boards are finished with mineral oil wax (a blend of beeswax and carnaba wax) with antibacterial properties that meets the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which are said to be stricter than those in Japan.
It is safe for direct or indirect contact with the cutting board.