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[Cutting Board] River Resin | Japanese Maple [C2071~]

[Cutting Board] River Resin | Japanese Maple [C2071~]

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■Product descriptionThis is a resin cutting board made from sugar maple from Hokkaido.
Sugar maple has a fine grain and a beautiful, silky appearance.
It is finished with food-grade penetrating oil wax that is extremely safe, so you can serve food directly on it. It also has water-repellent properties, so it can be used as a multi-purpose tray for various purposes.

It comes with special legs which improves breathability on the underside.

■Versatile use

  • Plate to serve food on
  • A tray for plates, cups, etc.
  • Accessories and small item stand

Click here for cutting board maintenance wax

*Since wood is a natural product, the grain of each piece will vary.

Product size/Shipping calculation weight


*Sizes are approximate.
*Sizes may change without notice.

Shipping calculation weight 1000g

How to handle the product

*Avoid leaving water droplets in contact with wooden products for long periods of time, and wipe them off as soon as possible.

*If you use detergent when cleaning, dilute it.

*When the leather becomes dry and flaky, we recommend using beeswax for maintenance.
We recommend our cutting board wax as it is made specifically for cutting boards.

*Please note that a dull knife will scrape the wood when cutting ingredients, causing deeper scratches than a sharp knife. If possible, please use a knife that has not dulled.

*Please note that due to the nature of wood, if exposed to sunlight, it may gradually turn amber in color.

*The resin cutting board has a heat resistance of 100°C. If it comes into contact with anything hotter than that, it may turn white, so please use it within that range.

*This product is made of natural wood. Please note that warping may occur over time.

*After washing, wipe off as much water as possible and dry in a well-ventilated area to prevent mold growth.

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It is finished with high-quality natural paint derived from natural ingredients and has water-repellent properties.
It meets the quality standards of the US Food Safety Standards (FD standards), so it is highly safe, and since it is food-grade, it is safe for children to lick.
And unlike varnish, it does not crush the grain of the wood, allowing you to enjoy the warm texture of the natural solid wood.


It can be used freely in a variety of ways beyond its usual role as a cutting board, such as a tray for serving food, a stand for ornamental plants, a place to put small items, or a place to hold cups.

You can cut ingredients on the cutting board and use it as a plate. In other countries, cutting boards are commonly used as serving plates and chopping boards. How about enjoying your meal while feeling the warmth of solid wood?